2023 Annual Don and Doña Presentation Barbeque Event

2023 Annual Event will be held on September 16, 2023

The 2023 Don and Doña Honors Nominations:  


Since the Pleasant Valley Historical Society’s inception, Don and Doña honors have been awarded individuals who have shown dedication to the community.  We are once again looking for the names of local citizens to receive the recognition of Don or Doña for this year.  We invite you to submit nominations for the 2023 Dons and Doñas.  Nominations are accepted until May 27, 2023.  Following that date the Don and Doña Selection Committee will meet to consider all nominations.  As stated in the Nomination Form, all nominations are confidential and only known by this committee. The Committee will review the nominations for selection in the 2023 group.

Click/Tap the Link below to view, and print, the Nomination Form:

Link: Nomination Form – Selection of 2023 Dons & Doñas

Directions for completing, and submitting, the nomination are contained in the form.

The PVHS Board hosts a get acquainted reception for the honorees and the Board in July.  The Annual Don and Doña BBQ to honor the recipients will be held on September 16, 2023 at the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Parks District Community Center.  We look forward to receiving your nominations.  Make your plans now for the BBQ and submit those applications for this year’s class of Don and Doñas.  For further information please send an email to bburrow1@msn.com or kg.farrin@gte.net



For 58 years, Don and Doña honors have been awarded to long-time local residents who are nominated by the community.  These residents have made a difference in the community through their professional and volunteer efforts for at least twenty years.  The designation harkens back to early California days as the title given to community leaders.  (Adolfo Camarillo [1864 – 1958] was considered the “last of the Spanish Dons”.) The Society is pleased to acknowledge their contributions to this lovely valley.
Again for  year 2022, the Pleasant Valley Historical Society recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the community.  Once again, nominations were received and reviewed to determine this year’s group of worthy recipients.  The individuals selected for 2022 include a wide range of service to the community to make the Pleasant Valley area even a more special place.  PVHS congratulates the following:

2022 Don and Doña Honors Recipients


Left to right: Brenda Brueckner, Karen Gatchel, Wayne Brueckner, Mary Ann Novak, Betty Weyek, Helen Faul, David Tennessen, Curt Luft, Mary Goldberg, Gwen Speakes, Diana Hagen, Don Howald

Dons and Doñas 2022:

Brenda Brueckner
Wayne Brueckner
Helen Faul
Karen Gatchel
Mary Goldberg
Diana Hagen
Don Howald
Curt Luft
Mary Ann Novak
Gwen Speakes
David Tennessen
Betty Weyek

The 2022 Annual Event was held on September 17, 2022, at 1P.M. at the Camarillo Community Center (1605 E. Burnley St.).  An Event Location Map is available at the following link:

Don and Doña Honor Awardees Event Location Map

2021 Don and Doña Honors Recipients


Back Row: Mike Mishler, Dennis Gaiser, Neal Dixon, Virginia Wooten, Bob Fierro, Terry Taclett
Front Row: Linda Braunschweiger, Linda Packham, Helen Shields, Barbara Swetek, Cathy Trainer, Rachel Resnik Miles

The 2021 Annual Event was held last September 25th at the Camarillo Community Center (1605 E. Burnley St.).

Dons and Doñas 2021:


Don and Doña Honoree History and Archives

The PVHS Museum displays six scrapbooks filled with information about previous Don and Doña Honor Awardees, beginning with the year 1965.
The PVHS Museum has a complete listing of Don and Doña Honor Awardees, from 1965 through 2022, available.  Use the Dons and Doñas link below to view/download/print a PDF file:

Don and Doña Honor Awardees: 1965 – 2022 (Alphabetical Order)

Don and Doña Honor Awardees: 1965 – 2022 (Chronological Order)


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