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The Museum Building Expansion Project Phase 1 has begun!

To accommodate the Expansion Project the Museum, and the Botanical Garden, are NOW CLOSED

About Us

Founded in 1964, the Pleasant Valley Historical Society opened the museum in 1988. It is dedicated to serving the community by preserving and presenting the history of the Pleasant Valley area, and sharing our rich heritage with all who visit. The Pleasant Valley Historical Society is a 501©3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID#77-0053272. Please visit and join us today

Where We Are Located

720 Las Posas Road, Camarillo, California

The Museum Building Expansion Project: Phase 1


Above: The first layer of topsoil and asphalt are cleared to begin soil compaction for the expansion building’s concrete pad.

As you may see from the photos above, we are in “construction.” Four years of our “paper” efforts to expand the museum have been completed and we are building. Phase I is digging a hole, filling it and compacting it, creating the base for the concrete slab that will be poured. The pad will include the electrical and plumbing base for the addition to the water company building, our previous museum. All this will take about 4 months. We have all the funds in place for this phase.


Above: The original building preparation continues with removal of the tile ceiling and the obsolete interior walls.

Phase II is the retro-fitting of the original building. The City had the asbestos cleaned from inside of the building. Our volunteers have removed the ceiling tiles and all the wood that framed the bathrooms and office. This saves us some money.

Everything is in place for Phase II and we need your help for the funds to cover this phase. We have been soliciting the funds that are needed to construct phase II. We have board members who have stepped up with additional giving and we have established payment plans. We need your help. If you can, and or know of someone who would, help with the costs of the retrofit, please let us know.

The PVHS Board voted to establish an Advisory Council to help with our community outreach. We are looking for people who would offer advice and resources to expand our community connection. Gerry Olsen has retired from the PVHS Board and has volunteered to be a member. If you think this is a place for you to help PVHS please contact Joy…805-482-0179.

Our Expansion Project


The “past” is not what it used to be…1900 and earlier. Today the “past” refers to the entire 20th century!  The museum has grown to include the history of the living as well as the “forefathers.”  We had been able to offer special children’s programs as well as our Speaker Series, but no longer have room for those programs.  We have been asked to provide programs for schools, in both history and science.  Space for those programs is critical to sharing history.  Our planned expansion will increase the original 1,555 sq. ft. of our display/meeting area with another 1,153 sq. ft.  Also, the present building will be renovated/retrofitted.  The outside will reflect the craftsman style of the early Pleasant Valley and will include a landmark tower to increase visibility from Las Posas Road. A larger museum will provide:

• Classroom space for interactive school programs and field trips
• Protection/storage for our collections
• A dedicated space for The Fulkerson Library
• Improved parking and accessibility
• Exterior donor wall and bulletin board

Approximate amount to complete this project = $1.5 million

See Expansion Project for more details

Our Expansion Fund Donations

Progress toward our $1.5M goal


Personalized Bricks, part of the Expansion Project's Fundraising Program:

Personalized Bricks Purchased: 197 and growing

~ Visit the "Personalized Brick" page: click/tap the "Go To Personalized Brick" button  ~


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Michael Teoli

We learned of the Pleasant Valley Historical Society Museum & Botanical Gardens via the "Passport 2 History". We visited this the same day as the Oxnard Historical Farm Park and the Reyes Adobe, and this was the highlight for the day! When rating places, I really try to be fair and look at something based on how close they're reaching their potential. Full disclosure... this is a small museum, but I feel like they're really doing their best to make it as good as it can be.


The museum of local history has a fascinating variety of artifacts and the grounds include a spacious botanical garden. For young or old, this is a rewarding place to visit. THANKS to the volunteers and local historians

Benjamin Candelaria

Cool place with some interesting local history

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