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The Collection

The overall collection has thousands of photographs, historical ephemera, books on early California and local history, journals, maps, newspapers, clothing and other materials.  Displays are changed regularly.

The Bill Doctorman Telephone Collection presents telephones from the late 1880s through the 1990s including box, candlestick, and cradle phones.  You will find a real Princess phone, early pay phones, and an interesting collection of European phones

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Long-term exhibits include “The Bill Doctorman Historic Telephone Collection.” You can see how the old phones worked and “touch” history.

We have a special collection of items collected by Juan Camarillo (brother of Adolfo Camarillo) as he traveled the world in the early 1900s.

The Roland Gisler pumper fire trucks are all hand-made and not kits. The artist, Roland Gisler (1898-1976), was born in New Jerusalem, CA (presently El Rio).  He created the fire engines out of wood and paper mache.  He used a metal lathe to create the miniature metal parts.  Roland greatly admired firemen—they had saved his house in the infamous 1961 Bel Aire fire.

We have an extensive collection of early farm papers and documents, as well as letters of the early 1900s.  These are a great primary resource for the research minded visitor.

Photographs of interest as well as historic and original maps are available.

Research Library

Full of books of local history and interest, the Fulkerson Library contains rare and historical books of Ventura County.  Visitors are welcome to read, on-site, our non-circulating library.  A native of Somis, Jack and his family have been proprietors of Fulkerson’s Hardware for 3 generations.  Visiting his son Bob at Fulkerson’s Hardware today is a step back in time and yet they have everything you could ever need from a real farm hardware store.

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