PVHS Museum Expansion Project Status:

January 4, 2022:
The Museum and Botanical Gardens close for renovation and preparation for the Museum Expansion. Closure will remain in affect until the Museum Reopening Event.

January 5, 2022:
The original Museum building begins renovation to accommodate the attached Museum Expansion building. This starts with the Museum contents being transferred into short term storage.

January 28, 2022:
Museum contents transfer into short term storage completed.

February 7, 2022:
Museum asbestos removal begins (remove glue for original floor tiles).

February 9, 2022:
Museum asbestos removal complete.

March 5, 2022:
Museum Garden and Gazebo is open for visitors each Saturday Noon to 4PM, and for scheduled events. Portable toilet (Porta Potty Rental) is available. Will continue until access is blocked by construction safety zone(s).

March 8, 2022:
From the PVHS Board President: Bob Burrow
You have probably noticed that many changes currently are under way at the PVHS Museum. First of all, the museum remains temporarily closed as a result of the recent removal of the carpeting from the building. All of the contents were removed from the museum and are being stored in the storage buildings on the site. We had a storage POD delivered to the site thanks to UNITS Storage of Camarillo. Volunteers cleared the building and the City contracted to have the old hazardous materials removed. This checks off one of the requirements we needed to be able to get the building permit for the expansion project.
Further progress continues on the plan check front with the structural plans approved, the parcel map recorded, the grading plans in final plan check and a couple of final items currently being addressed. Thanks to Bob Fierro, bids are being solicited for the construction work so that we can take the next step leading to our goal. In the meantime, plans continue for the next phase of fundraising and a ground breaking this spring.
We have reopened the botanical garden to visitors each Saturday, as long as construction activity allows. We have scheduled a number of alternate events to continue our presence in the community.
The recent publicity we have received fully shows the great work that our volunteers do on a daily basis. Our mission remains the same, we are just pursuing it in a variety of new ways. Stay tuned, and we look forward to your continued support. Many thanks!