Personalized Brick

Contributing to the PVHS Museum Expansion Project with a Personalized Brick:

Add a little 'fun' to fundraising by sponsoring a Personalized Brick. Sponsoring a Personalized Brick is a $200 donation, and the proceeds of the donation go directly into the to the PVHS Museum Expansion Fund.

A Personalized Brick is 4" x 8" (32 square inches of surface area) offering 48 spaces (including blank spaces and punctuation) arranged in 3 rows with up to 16 spaces per row, and will be permanently located in a designated outdoor viewing area adjacent to the museum building.

The fun part is a Personalized Brick can be personalized with your name, and/or your family’s name, allowing you to be part of the PVHS Museum history.  Or, a brick can be personalized to honor anyone, or anything, you want to be remembered.


Total number of Personalized Bricks already purchased May 23rd, 2024: 235

The Process for Ordering a Personalized Brick is 3 easy steps:

1st Step: Use the Button below to download the Personalized Brick Order Form. This form is a PDF that can be edited with the Adobe Reader, and will allow adding your Personized Text and your Contact Information. Save the completed Brick Order Form to a convenient location (such as your computer's Desktop or Download Folder).

2nd Step: Create an Email, attach your saved Brick Order Form, and send the Email to:

3rd Step: Complete and Submit the Personalized Brick Sponsor Form (shown immediately below) to sponsor ($200 donation) your Personalized Brick. If the Contact Information on the Brick Order From is different than the Brick Sponsor Form, please note the Brick Order Form's Contact Information in the 'Comment:' field shown below. You will receive an Email confirming your order.

Note: If the above 3 steps are not cooperating, please use the 'Send us a Message:' feature (shown near the bottom of this page) to have a Personalized Brick Order Form emailed to you. The instructions for ordering your Personalized Brick are printed on the order form.

Personalized Brick Sponsor Form

Thank You for Donating to the Museum Expansion Project Fund by sponsoring a Personalized Brick (or Bricks); your Sponsorship is needed now toward the construction and completion of the Museum Building Expansion Project.  Sponsoring a Personalized Brick is a $200 donation, and the proceeds of the donation go directly into the to the PVHS Museum Expansion Fund.

For contributions using a credit card, select ‘PayPal’ for the ‘Payment Method’ as PayPal provides a choice for donations by either a credit card (for non PayPal account holders) or a PayPal account.  For contributions using a check, please select ‘Offline Donation’ for the ‘Payment Method’; check instructions will will appear at the bottom of this form.

Donation/Sponsor Pricing Levels:
Sponsoring of 1 Personalized Brick:……$200
Sponsoring of 2 Personalized Bricks:….$400
Sponsoring of 3 Personalized Bricks:….$600
Sponsoring of 4 Personalized Bricks:….$800
Sponsoring of 5 Personalized Bricks:..$1,000

For sponsoring more than one Personalized Brick, please complete a Personal Brick Order Form for each brick, and email the completed forms to . The forms will be coordinated by matching the Contact Name on each of the Personal Brick Order Forms to the Contact Name on this Personalized Brick Sponsor Form.

All Contributions are Gratefully Acknowledged and are Tax Deductible*.
*Please consult your Tax Advisor/Preparer for details.

$ 200.00
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Donation Total: $200.00